An Artist and His Camera

As age advances, everyone encounters different challenges while they attempt to continue their lifestyle or profession. In my case, my love for photography forced me to lighten my load so that I could continue to create images without diverting my attention from the act of creation to the process of enduring.

Different cameras were my solution. Adapting to my altered musculature, I designed and built these lighter, more manageable cameras. All of their features, including ease of operation and flexibility, equaled those of my commercially made cameras.

By not utilizing material where there is no practical need, the skeleton designs are unique by themselves. The construction materials I selected for the camera shown above are Carbon fiber and Phenolic, both known for their light weight and high strength. Neither of these materials are a pleasure to work with, but patience and my extensive manufacturing experience made the process palatable.

Only the lens-board and ground glass were commercially produced. Later I added a lighter right angle viewer to eliminate the focusing cloth, which, over the years, also became increasingly clumsy to use.

These cameras have given me a new lease on my artistic pursuits.